About Long Street Armory

How did we get our beginning…

Our Store started in May of 2013. It was originally named “Buffalo Arms Inc.”. The following story shares how the store got its original name…… “Historically Buffalo Arms was a company that made weapons for WWII and the Korean War here in Buffalo, New York . I know this because my mom worked there during World War II. She was very proud of her contribution to the war effort.

When the decision was made to open a gun shop I could think of no better name than ” Buffalo Arms Inc.”. The name “Buffalo Arms Inc.” pretty much says it all. The fact that in doing so honors the memory of my mom makes it all the more special to me.

We opened our doors at 121 S. Long Street in Williamsville, NY on May 18, 2013.” (written by the owner)

In Nov 2013, we were informed that the name “Buffalo Arms” has a trademark and we would no longer be able to use it nationally. So, sadly, we had to change the name. The Gun Store will now be called “Long Street Armory, Inc.”.

Long Street Armory is here for you! We would like you to know that this gun shop is your gun shop! Stop in and look around … we are hunters, shooters and collectors and we love to talk about firearms.

God Bless you and God Bless America!

Long Street Armory. believes safety, responsibility key for gun owners

Long Street Armory. offers firearm training, and sells and buys guns as well as accessories from its store at 121 S. Long St. off Main Street in Williamsville…..